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Oil Changes to Full Services & Car repairs at Moor Road Garage, Rushden.

Repairs & Servicing.

We undertake all aspects of vehicle repairs and maintenance from a basic oil and filter change to a full annual service. With over 20 years of mechanical expertise and experience we are well placed to repair and service both new and older vehicles. We service and repair both diesel and petrol vehicles.

Service Packages.

Our packages start with a basic oil and filter change from just £75.00 to a full annual summer or winter service which includes all parts, all oils replaced or checked. Fixed labour rates and brakes cleaned adjusted or replaced.

A full service means a full service. It is what we like to call bumper to bumper service. We go right through your car, literally from bumper to bumper replacing all parts required by main dealer schedules and specifications. All wheels are removed. All brakes are checked, cleaned, adjusted and if necessary replaced.

Any faults or out of se vice repairs required will be reported, quoted and work will only be carried out with the the owners approval and instruction.

There are no hidden surprises or expenses in our service packages, you won't ever come back to pick up your vehicle and be faced with an unexpected bill.


We supply and fit clutches to any vehicles, which include the following elements:


  • Complete 3 part clutches
  • Dual Mass fly wheels
  • Hydraulics including clutch master cylinders, slave cylinders and concentric cylinders.

How do you know id you have a problem with your clutch?


  • Is your clutch slipping?
  • Does your engine rev excessively when changing gear or pulling away?
  • Do you have trouble selecting gears?
  • Does your vehicle judder when pulling away?
  • Do your gears crunch when changing gear?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you then it is likely you have a problem with your clutch. The problem could be fixed by a simple adjustment, or it may need replacing. If you're unsure, call us on 01933 411290


If your Cambelt breaks it can ruin your engine resulting in a very costly repair. Replace your Cambelt not your engine. Because of this we always recommend that your Cambelt is changed at the mileage as recommended by the manufacturer. If you have just bought the car or are unsure when it was last replaced we would recommend that you replace it to avoid the risk of it breaking.

We only supply and fit quality Cambelts and Cambelt Kits with the manufacturers warranty. We recommend Cambelt Kits as having all the required parts to fit the Cambelt gives you greater cover.


Here are just SOME of the services we offer our clients at the best price possible:


  • Oil Change - Involving replacing old oil filter, removal and disposal of old oil and replaced with new oil.
  • Full Service - This includes all parts and all oils replaced or checked, brakes cleaned, adjusted or replaced.
  • Clutch repairs - Involves checking clutch performance, adjustment or replacement including all parts and labour.
  • Gearboxes - Includes checking gearbox performance and replacement if necessary including all parts, gaskets and labour.
  • Cam belts - Includes checking cambelt and replacement if necessary.
  • Cylinder Heads - Includes replacement of head gaskets, skimming, cleaning tappet seats and replacing oil seals.
  • New or Part worn tyres - includes removal and disposal of old tyres, balancing and fitting of new tyres.
  • MOT - Full vehicle check in accordance with VOSA regulations.
  • Brakes, Suspension and Steering - Includes inspection and repair or replacement of parts.
  • Batteries - Includes removal and disposal of old battery and supply and fit of new battery.


Whether you have a problem with your car or you want to keep it in tip top condition, come in and see us for no fuss, no nonsense, honest advice, or you can call us on 01933 411290.

We offer better than High Street Garage service at Small independent garage prices!

We also do...

Batteries suffer most in the winter. Don't get caught out. Come and visit us at Moor Road Garage for a battery health check.

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We also do...

We sell new and part worn tyres to meet all needs and pockets from quality budget tyres to premium tyres at unbeatable prices.

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We also do...

We offer a fantastic Stop and Steer health check in which we will check your brakes, steering and Suspension.

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